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Default We all knew it was going to happen.

The shut down of Trickster Online, clearly it was inevitable. Although I'll admit I knew the game would close soon, I just didn't think it would be so soon. I was looking forward to playing as the polar bear character they were going to make ;p But oh well.

What are some of your favorite memories from playing this game?
What are your least favorite?
How much do you care? Do you wish the game would have lasted longer or are you apathetic to it's demise? o:

Personally, the first few years of playing were my favorite. My favorite memories are making all of the random friends when I first began, it was fun leveling up with them almost like it was a race c: I didn't really care about stats back then either, and played mostly for the enjoyment of the game and the community. My least favorite times are when I decided to try and be a "hax" player. I feel like I made the game into a competition when it didn't need to be. I honestly regret and amounts of money I've dumped into it. I don't really mind that the game is closing. The community died long ago and it was just never as fun anymore. ;c But I was ready to stop playing a while ago. Only thing I'll miss is having something to do when I'm ridiculously bored. But what can you do ^.^
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