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they are all wrong if there is a problem with my isp i couldnt play even just one match , it happened after 4 - 6 matches , the weird part is it always happened at the end of the match , when mission completed / game over showed up , just weird

i dont know how to freezing the game , the only method i know is ctrl alt del but that's ancient like hell and didnt work anymore for over 1 year , and why would i want freezing in pvp / Ai match

well , pressing random buttons , not this too

my client is the latest , i've downloaded the client again from another host , currently installing, let's see if it's solve the problem

too bad i cant speak HK language , i would ask around the lobby if i could ......

and for more info , this even happened when im AFK lol , used a rau dinn and AFK , didnt even bother to move , when my comrade sp the last enemy , boomb !!! i am ZOA X_X wtf

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