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Default As a Trickster...

Would you be a Magic, Sense, Power or Charm type? Why would you go to Caballa Island? What path would you take: Hybrid or Pure? What guardian would you like to hatch from your Soul Seed? Share with us your inner Trickster!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Caballa Island Registration Form:

*Name: Phearu.

Age: 17 Years old.

**Animal: Tiger.

Type: Magic.

1st Job: Musician.

2nd Job: Poet.

3rd Job: Pure, Summoner.

***3rd Job Stone: Sapphire.

****Soul Guardian: (The Legendary) Krusef

Reason(s) to go to Caballa Island: As a Musician, Phearu's dream was to create meaningful musics. Unfortunately, the college is too expensive and he can't pay it by himself, his parents won't pay it, since they think music is waste of time. Then he found in the newspaper the announcement of the game, and he went to Caballa Island to find Don Cavalier's fortune.

*****Aditional Notes:

2nd Job: Wind/Earth Elements.

3rd Job Summoner Appearance:
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
*Real name or name you would like to use during the game.
**Mustn't be in use, example: Bunny.
***Can use the same stone, however can't be the same class, example: If Peridot is chosen, the person can't become a Thief Master, since it is Fox 3rd Job.
****Spinel can be choosed.
*****You can add your own skills if you want.
Off-topic: I created this topic here because people in this forum are more active and like this kind of things, and also because the trickster forum is down for maintance. Sorry if i write anything wrong, english isn't my main language. I'm still working on the Musician sprite. :x