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MrCoconut will become famous soon enoughMrCoconut will become famous soon enough
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Originally Posted by MrCoconut
Here are my selling list:


5m each for the following cards:
x4 Cobra Flower Cards SOLD
x15 Myconid Cards SOLD
x7 Slithis Cards SOLD
x3 Purple Worm Cards
x14 Lotus Wormhole Cards
x5 Slug G Cards SOLD
x3 Tooth Flower Cards SOLD

3m each for the following cards:
x11 Stoor Worm Cards
x4 Orpeo Cards
x8 Freyja Cards
x5 Great Coolem Cards


x8 AP 125 200k each
x5 AP 140 300k each
x24 AP 185 500k each
x18 AP 215 750k each SOLD
x17 AP 275 1.5m each SOLD

x12 AC 185 500k each

x3 LK 215 750k each

x17 HP 185 500k each SOLD
x13 HP 215 750k each SOLD

x7 HV 185 500k each
x17 HV 215 750k each SOLD
x5 HV 275 1.5m each SOLD


4s Spiritual Tiara 200m SOLD
1s 45 base LK Maiden Gun 40m
1s 90 base DA, 1350 base AP Crimson Sword 40m
3s 852 MD, 1743 HP Maiden Queen Shield 200m SOLD
1s 806 MD Crimson Helmet 200m
47 LK Requiem Renegade 40m
1s 978 AP Thorny Rose Gun 40m
3s 35 DA Crimson Necklace 300m SOLD
3s 35 DA Crimson Necklace 300m (another one)
62+35 DA (97 Total) Flashbat Sword 350m
14+26 DA (14 Total) Flashbat Ring 300m
29+22 AC (51 Total) Thorny Rose Ring 250m
1447 AP Crimson Sword 350m


Evil Horns 500m (unfused)
Swirley Glasses 400m (unfused)

If you are able to provide me a flame I'll slash off 50m on both fuses. For Evil Horns it would be much better if you also provide me a Rally Towel or any tradeable head accessory so we can save 1 flame. If not, then it's fine.

Here are my buying list:

3s Good DA Flashbat Sword (Clean) BOUGHT
3s Flashbat Ring (20-25 DA) BOUGHT
List updated!