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*=You need to provide the flame~
[All prices are negotiable]
Emo Rain cloud 200m+
Eternal Sunshine 150m
Silver light shield 450m
4g4 600m
2nd job buff pet 70m+[on hold~]
Reyes shawl 200m+fuses
Wedding Top hat 150m+
Trainer's Hat 250m+
Incubus noxx 70m+
Succubus nyxx 100m+
Wee cora pet 100m+
Bun bun shield 60m+
Bunny doll shield 80m
Magical kitten shield 110m+
[Will provide flames~]
*Cletta's hairclip 15m
Sharka shark hat 100m
Leviathans hat thing 50m
*Yukata rachel 70m
*Yukata leonardo 70m
*Kerberos shield 15m
*Osteo cape 15m
Big Dragon Head 100m
Strawberry Glasses 150m/T> other pair of glasses
Shamrock Hat 50m
Shamrock Sword 50m
Pero Pero Hammer 25m
Wedding Shield 20m
Ocean Shield S 5m
Rook 100m
*Koto's wing shield 15m
*Fur lined staff 10m
Hawaiian Glasses 400m
Engagement bouquet 200m
Bubble gum 250 skin 100m
*Bastet 90m
*Yellow Bo 30m x2
*Royal Rosetta
*Little Paul
*Haughty Rosemary 30m w/ Flame
*Bruce Lie 25m w/ Flame
*Beam Saber Z-16 20m
*Amazing Aria 60m
*Eclipse Hat 15m
*Express Panda 20m
*Inventor Lion wrench 10m
*Mr.Pig 15m
*Gentleman robin 40m
*Trout on a stick 50m
*Pumpkin light 25m
*White cupcake staff free
*Cupid bowgun x4 5m
*Spirit head 45m

IGN: Priyncess/Inarabitta [You can Pm either one of us~]
Added a few things to the buying list~