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Default [NA] Freedom Gundam gameplay & review

This is the first time I make video of the review of sdgo NA. At first, I should explain this video is for testing usage so you don't focus on my performance since I was playing in the beginners' channel. Since I transfer to NA, my controlling is much worse than that when I was playing in KR, HK and TW. Therefore, I choose freedom to be my main unit since it is cool and very easy to use. Even though you know too much of this unit, I still want to explain the weapons of this unit. It is a masterpiece.

Weapon 1, beam sabers, attack 5 times; the attacking speed is quick; the power is strong; the feeling is very smooth. It can fight with the rocks. It's brilliant. Later, the beam sabers' attacking range will be much larger.

Weapon 2, "Lupus" beam rifles, it is more powerful than other beam rifles, but in this unit, its beam rifle is smoother and faster. You can hit the target in almost every amazing angle.

Weapon 3, "xiphias" rail cannons, 4 ammunitions, the power of this is as strong as almost cannons. The launching speed is very fast. It is a ballistic weapon but you don't need to be afraid to use it because it is fast of it reach the target. Even though the range of this is medium, it can still reach the long distanced target. That means its power may not be detected by veteran infighter. One more advantage of this, this weapon is decided to be a ballistic weapon. That means this unit may not be afraid to both I-field and Phase-shift armored units. It improves this unit's completeness.

Skill 1, Phase-shift armor, increase defense again all of the ballistic weapons. This is the tradition of Gundam Seed's unit. It is not bad but since beam machines are becoming popular, there is much less people use ballistic weapons. But it is reasonable because freedom is very fantastic that don't give it too helpful skills.

Skill 2, when your HP drops under 50%, dash duration becomes unlimited, this is the thing about this unit. You can shift into your enemy's home or around them, and you just shoot, kill and escape safely. It is fast, exciting, sharp and very fantastic (surely I can't).

It is because this is my first time I make video in NA server, my skills are terrible and I use most of my skills and experience, I still cannot get A+.
1st bout, we have 4S units, the opposite has no S units but we were still inferior because I escaped from my team to chase them that you can see I am not a good team player and my boost controlling is terrible.
2nd bout, no drama, no exciting moments, just for fun.
Sorry for bad playing.

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