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Default Short Story? I Suppose.

Hey guys.
Well I was up the other day keeping a friend company, and she decided to tell me one of her fanfictions, as interesting as it was, it made me want to write something.
I don't care whether you'll enjoy it or not, i'm always open to everyone's opinions. ^__^
Anyway, It isn't titled, so if you get an idea of what to call it, be sure to tell me.

It was early December, and the city of Val was covered in snow, Kana was in her usual hiding spot, the library, doing what she loved, reading. Kana was your average teenager, but she looked oddly young for her age, so whenever she met someone, she was shy, and they just referred to her as Little Kana.

It was any regular day for Kana at the library as she continued her favorite series "Guess Not!" Written by Al Pine.
All was normal until she met Cjack.

Cjack was surprisingly just like Kana, but he wore glasses and kept his hair short.
The day Kana bumped into Cjack, was planned to be an interesting friendship.
"Oh, I'm sorry." Kana said to Cjack, who was still laying on the ground.
"Need a hand?" She said with a smile as she helped him off the floor. "T-Thanks." He replied, readjusting his glasses.
"What's your name?" Kana asked looking a bit more energetic than usual.
"My parents call me Cjack." "Why?" She asked.
He replied slowly as if in thought. "I'm not really sure, what do people call you?"
It's fine.
She jumped in the air and struck a pose, "I'm Kana!, but you can call me big sis."
He looked puzzled, "why do I have to call you onee-chan?"
"She replied with a huge smile, "cause I'm older silly!" Still confused about the whole situation, Cjack grabbed his book and bowed to her. "I should be going Kan-- I mean oneechan, it's getting late."
Disappointed, cause she thought she'd have a buddy to read with she replied, "Will I ever see you back at the library?"
Cjack blushed a bit.
"I'll be here tomorrow, see you then?"
"Okay!" She said giving him a big hug, making his books fall again.

On the way home, Kana couldn't help but wonder why she was so energetic when she had met Cjack, she was so used to being shy she didn't know what became of her.
Was it cause she was taller than Cjack, or maybe older?
She didn't ponder this thought too long before realizing she almost passed her house. "Momma?" She called out, "Momma are you in the kitchen?"
"Yes honey, dinner is almost ready." Replied her mother. "Did you meet anyone at the library, dear?" Her mom said in a loving tone.
Kana sparked up excitedly.
"Yes! I met a little boy named Cjack, he's so cute."
"Oh really?" Said the mom.
"Yeah and he loves books too!" She said getting even happier.
"My my." Said the mother, "I've never seen you this excited."
Kana took those words into thought and still couldn't figure out what made her so happy around Cjack.
After dinner, Kana took a bath, brushed her teeth, pajama'd up and grabbed her plushie, after this she hopped in bed and drifted to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up feeling weird and dizzy, but she decided to throw some cold water on her face and get dressed.

She threw on a tank top then a sweater and a skirt.
Then decided to go downstairs.
"Leaving so soon?" Said her mother, "you must not want any breakfast." She said with a smile.
"Ah! Sorry mom!" She replied.
"I guess I'm alittle off today."
"That won't be a problem once you have some of my mandarin chicken and biscuits." Her mother said putting a plate in front of her.
Kana's eyes brightened up.
"Mmm, smells delicious mom! Thank you!"
After breakfast, Kana headed to the library.

On the way there, Kana couldn't keep her mind off of her new friend Cjack, was it cause he was so cute to her, or cause he thought of her as a big sister?
Thinking about this she slipped on the ice and fell in the snow.

Of course, it isn't done, but I do plan to finish it.

Someone asked me if it was erotic, and I wasn't quite sure, but I don't think they'd enjoy that here so i'll keep it clean.

Most of this story was made completely off the top of my head, so sorry if it throws any of you off.

Remember, if you think of a title, please tell me.

Any ideas you have, i'd like to hear them.

And there will be more to come.


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But My Power Is White.
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