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Try Taric, love Taric, buy Pink Taric. Win everything.

Lol I keed, but Taric's a pretty easy support to play. He has a stun, a heal, gives an armour arua to allies, and has a sessy pink skin.

For an ADC, MF's a preesolid champ. As everyone's already said, hit 6, press R, hyena laughter. AD Teemo's quite a pest (heck, Teemo as a whole is an adorable pest..), but I find him better AP and playing up top, because he wrecks most top laners.

For a mid/AP, Annie? She's a solid mid champ, and her burst hurts. Not only that she's gETTING AN AMAZING VISUAL UPGRADE AND A PANDA SKIN TO BOOT. Cough.