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Originally Posted by fate23
Well changing to HV won't actually help much as HV increases the damage of FH too. Also going HP doesn't necessarily mean it is a PVP build but with more HP you will be able to survive more recoils plus you will also be able to spam the 2 HP based skills as aoes thus reducing your FH usage. If you don't like the HP idea then maybe when you're higher leveled you can use FOAK instead although that requires 4 monsters. Anyways good luck with that!
Using PC/IR really helps too. You can use them if your FH fails to kill surrounding mobs. IMO, a pure card thrower has its limitations. Your AP/HV is too high, while your HP is too low to be using FH as your main AoE. Once it recoils, it will hurt you a lot!

Try balancing your stats. Like I've said before you can lower your AP/HV while improving your DP to decrease the damage of FH on you. Sacrifice some of those AP/HV for HP so you can use IR/PC while FH is in cooldown.

With decent amount of HV plus Super Hips skill you won't be getting a lot of damage from mobs, perfect for PC/IR.

Hope this helps!