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pretty decent, forgot I had a visa debit/gift card on me so tried to recharge with it but had no luck. It's got enough on it but guessing the site is broken there since I got redirected to a page with some sort of error code on it. Had the "if ____ then do _____" sort of messages along with the numbering used to keep lines of code organized.

43 if somethinghappens then
44 do thisthing
45 else havethishappen

Other than that being a little bit of a hassle, got a comfortable set up for nero in dmc4 and on disgaea 4 I've finally got my main gunner character a pretty solid gun to use so she'll be a better long range unit, might start on the trap soon but it's mainly just a matter of having enough exits for the double boss kills and item god kills at the end.

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