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Originally Posted by Riolu
For a healer team you need a Valkyrie or else your damage will be abysmal.

I've been feeling pretty bad about not having any gods on my US account (verche doesn't count since he's as rare as a bidoof right now), although i have very many rares i don't have anything i could call "my precious".
no worry for valkyrie i have 3 friends using them.. LOL

i have Neptune and 2x virtra.. i recently have dark skydragon but his weak is this worthy to level up?

Originally Posted by iEdGamer

I started a JP account.

Rolled a Bastet and decide to stick with it. 2nd and 3rd roll got me Green Swordsman 4* for ADK and Toytops.

Personally, I think it's a very good start, but do you think that Bastet is good? I can do 4combos easily no problem but I wonder if Parvati is a better God. I personally like Parvati very much too.
!! i want JP account can any body here i can borrow JP itunes?

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