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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
Speed runs at the lower levels, metal dragons dungeons and dragon plants stages.



So Zeus Dungeon is available today. I've got 28 stones in hand, and after repeatedly looking through the teams posted by others, I thought to myself - why not?

Here is the standard team setup for many players who are going against Zeus. As in, really standard. Not Loki but Vamp Lord, dual Heras, Dark Swordsman, Echidna. For Echidna, if you have a high leveled stage 2 Orochi, by all means use that instead.

1.) Average level of >50 for your dark monsters (I got slightly impatient though. Also, >70 will most likely reduce the stones you'll use)
2.) Vampire Lord at max skill lvl
3.) Dark Swordsman at as high skill lvl as you can get him (mine's at a seven turn CD)
4.) Friend with a max lvled Zeus
5.) About 20 stones just in case

Stage 1 - Triple Chimeras
Easiest stage in the dungeon, just breeze through it with your team. If you can AOE, do that. If you can't, aim for Fire since it hurts the most. You should not be spending any stones at this stage.

Stage 2 - Masks
Do a round of AOE, and take out the rainbow mask asap. Then aim for the white one. After that, begin charging up your skills till all skills are up, preferably including that of Zeus. Head to the next stage with max HP. You should only spend a maximum of a single stone here. I spent a stone here.

Stage 3 - Triple Devils
AOE attack should do the trick. They went down like flies for me. Easy.

Stage 4 - Dual Chimeras
Hardest part of the dungeons. Do not use any of the skills other than Vamp Lord and perhaps Dark Swordsman. Pray for Chimeras that attack on the same turns, or else you'll be spending even more stones. Just try to take them out ASAP. With same-turns Chimeras, I spent about 9 stones here.

Stage 5 - Zeus
First thing first, activate Zeus->Hera->Hera->Echidna. Then just try to KO asap with Vamp Lord and Light Swordsman's skills. This is where the low CD of your Vamp Lord and Light Swordsman becomes important. 3 stones for me.

All in all, 13 stones spent, but got 1 back due to me clearing the dungeon for the very first time. Quite pleased with the results. Expanded my storage to 300 with the remaining stones.

Finally cleared my initial goals of doing Hera, 2 Heros and Zeus. Now my new goals will be to train up my Grass, Dark, Water and Fire team in that order.
Congrats. Looks awesome.