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[7:50:21 PM] Dev: Gary
[7:50:32 PM] Dev: When you get a chance add my new smurf to your friends list
[7:50:35 PM] Dev: Name is
[7:50:41 PM] Dev: Kobe Tyrant
[7:51:05 PM] Gary: alright
[7:51:24 PM] Dev: gonna get kills and yell
[7:51:25 PM] Dev: KOBE
[7:51:26 PM] Dev: all the tiem
[7:53:32 PM] Gary: LOL
[7:53:36 PM] Gary: So
[7:53:42 PM] Gary: Devourer tager is dead now
[7:54:19 PM] Dev: **** no
[7:54:23 PM] Dev: thats my main
[7:54:30 PM] Dev: just have this for shits and giggles
[7:54:37 PM] Dev: gonna tell cory to make one
[7:54:42 PM] Dev: I have a good one for him
[7:55:07 PM] Gary: TerrorOfVA
[7:55:27 PM] Dev: oh no not even close
[7:56:31 PM] Gary: Could have swore i was close
[8:38:14 PM] Dev: [7:43:32 PM] Dev: [7:42:47 PM] Dev: ashley was singing 2chainz dude
[7:42:58 PM] Dev: she sounds cute with whatever she says
[7:42:59 PM] Dev: asdfasdfasfafspdafjhisadifdjfp
[8:41:06 PM] Gary: ****a
[8:41:07 PM] Gary: in love
[8:41:10 PM] Gary: that's cute
[8:42:19 PM] Dev: gotta love a girl who wants a big booty hoe for her bday
[8:45:08 PM] Gary: LOL
[8:45:24 PM] Gary: Hope you fit the koalafications bro
[8:45:33 PM] Gary: (sun)
[8:45:43 PM] Dev: dont worry man, I can bear it
[8:45:51 PM] Dev: SUP ****A
[8:45:54 PM] Dev: CANT DO THAT SHIT TO Me
[8:45:59 PM] Dev: I CREATED THIS
[8:46:33 PM] Gary: That is completely irrelephant
[8:46:59 PM] Dev: I got more where that came from in my Trunk
[8:47:27 PM] Dev: my shit so hard, call me the Tuskan Raider
[8:48:17 PM] Dev: hit you with a force harder than darth vader, dont need saber, call your girl and put her into labor, **** so big, she be callin me her SAVIOR OOOOOOH
[8:48:34 PM] Dev: IM DONE
[8:49:28 PM] Dev: sec let me eat my potato
[8:50:42 PM] Gary: Those rhymes were ill of flavor, Making everything so distasteful. My rhymes are stronger then steroids. While you're eatting those potatos pick your nose and find your way to the table WURD
[8:50:51 PM] Dev: LOL
[8:51:49 PM] Dev: sec I gotta finish im starving
[8:52:07 PM] Dev: QUICK
[8:52:11 PM] Dev: TO THE MIXTAPES
[8:52:17 PM] Gary: LOL
[8:52:24 PM] Dev: Dev and gary: Skype Chronicles
[8:52:30 PM] Dev: LOL
[8:52:38 PM] Gary: I got to put this on the forums right quick
[8:52:42 PM] Dev: LOL

The moment was just too good to pass up.
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