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When you get used to the gunner, this should be your best combo for bossing.

You WILL need Speedloader and Keen Sense. It will take you some time to master this combo but when you do, your damage will go insane.

1 - Normal shot.
2 - Power shot.
3 - Timed Crit normal shot.
4 - Double Shot.
5 - Timed Crit normal shot.
6 - Power Shot.
7 - Timed Crit normal shot.

And so on. If you get the first 3 steps right, you don't have to worry about the timing anymore, just keep going as fast as you can. This combo was especially designed so you have the exact amount of time to cast a power shot/double shot before your next timed critical shot.

That's why Speedloader is fundamental. The combo will not work out without it.

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