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yeah, remember fighting them in 10 and having a reaction similar to "that's all?", the arena fights are pretty nasty though. Emerald isn't too bad in 7 really, just remember to fight with minimal materia as a counter to his materia storm attack and you're pretty good, especially if you've got the knights summon.

far as the disgaea post game stuff goes, it's mostly about just ramping up your attack stat to the point that nothing can survive a hit unless it's on a geo panel that somehow nullifies it (invincibility, reverse damage, or mighty enemy off the top of my head, evade is pretty obnoxious too) or they have some built in ability to survive death by overly huge numbers. Raising speed helps too since it can make the enemy miss sometimes, seeing as that's the only practical way for an endgame level thing to not die in one hit.

That does give an advantage to fist users though since they have an easy to get 3x3 pattern aoe for the best grinding maps, damage based off of a combo of attack and speed, and have skills to move enemies to another free space on the map before they can outright kill whatever they touch.

That said, land of carnage enemies are capable of doing that before you're able to really inflate your stats notably and it of course is the only way to get the best items. So working towards uber stats basically works around reverse pirating and scrambling for green (legendary) treasure chests hoping good items pop out while evading enemies that will outright kill any character you have in one hit while your characters will be lucky to even hit the enemies.

yeah, starting the proper post game out is a bit annoying, the ability to see your character overkill enemies hundreds of thousands of times over is satisfying though.

*pokes adell in disgaea 3 that can do 13 billion on one enemy with the right set up* 8D

/unintended wall o' text

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