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Originally Posted by Excessive
Is there proof? I know LazyFish is desperate to get an Ice Nail but there is no proof he's a scammer just cause he asked to borrow someone's ice set
I agree with Excessive, I have her for awhile now at my list after selling her a fuse that needed a flame so she add me to send the flame and she asked me after that when she was lvl 180 something ( she is 250 now) to borrow my blood set for the accessory and I apologized saying I don't lend my stuff out which didn't seem to bother her that I rejected her request that she even kept me in her list.
Besides I saw her around in mega selling points and I didn't hear or see anything in bulletin saying anything about she scammed anyone's galders for selling points.
So again withdrawn herself after Cait refuse to lend her the Ice set doesn't mean she is a scamer except there is a stronger proof.

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