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Small update from the patch yesterday.

Bots are going to start talking to us! O_O

Bot's are going to talk!
According to the files, bots will soon ( tm ) be gaining the ability to send simple in game messages. While this isn't "hooked up yet", the files have text entires for starting a "greeting", "defeated", "victorious", and some have a "special". Here is an example of what Alistar bot will say:
  • "game_bot_Alistar_defeated" = "You are strong!"
  • "game_bot_Alistar_greeting" = "Who's ready to lock horns with me?!"
  • "game_bot_Alistar_victorious" = "GG!"
Cassiopeia bot, howerver, has a special message for Katarina, as they are sisters in the lore.

  • "game_bot_Cassiopeia_defeated" = "I'll keep an eye out for you next time."
  • "game_bot_Cassiopeia_greeting" = "I just can't wait to face you."
  • "game_bot_Cassiopeia_special" = "Show me your skills, Katarina!"
  • "game_bot_Cassiopeia_victorious" = "GG!"

Additionally, the files reference several bots we haven't actually seen on live yet including : Darius Bot , Jarvan IV Bot, Maokai Bot, Nocturne Bot, Poppy Bot, Talon Bot, Tryndamere Bot, Urgot Bot, Xerath Bot, and Yorick Bot.

Here is a complete list of the assorted things bots will yammer on about.
"tr "game_bot_Alistar" = "Alistar Bot"
tr "game_bot_Alistar_defeated" = "You are strong!"
tr "game_bot_Alistar_greeting" = "Who's ready to lock horns with me?!"
tr "game_bot_Alistar_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Amumu" = "Amumu Bot"
tr "game_bot_Amumu_defeated" = "Let's play again some time!"
tr "game_bot_Amumu_greeting" = "Would you like to be friends?"
tr "game_bot_Amumu_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Annie" = "Annie Bot"
tr "game_bot_Annie_defeated" = "C'mon Tibbers, let's play one more."
tr "game_bot_Annie_greeting" = "Hi! My friend Tibbers wants to meet you..."
tr "game_bot_Annie_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Ashe" = "Ashe Bot"
tr "game_bot_Ashe_defeated" = "A battle worthy of Frejlord."
tr "game_bot_Ashe_greeting" = "Do your ancestors proud."
tr "game_bot_Ashe_special" = "I will face you, sister!"
tr "game_bot_Ashe_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Blitzcrank" = "Blitzcrank Bot"
tr "game_bot_Blitzcrank_defeated" = "My face is leaking."
tr "game_bot_Blitzcrank_greeting" = "Loading. Recommend program: Enjoy Selves."
tr "game_bot_Blitzcrank_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Brand" = "Brand Bot"
tr "game_bot_Brand_defeated" = "This is not the end..."
tr "game_bot_Brand_greeting" = "This world will be consumed in flames!"
tr "game_bot_Brand_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Caitlyn" = "Caitlyn Bot"
tr "game_bot_Caitlyn_defeated" = "Sharp shooting, everyone."
tr "game_bot_Caitlyn_greeting" = "The Sheriff's in town."
tr "game_bot_Caitlyn_special" = "I've got a cupcake for you, little Yordle."
tr "game_bot_Caitlyn_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Cassiopeia" = "Cassiopeia Bot"
tr "game_bot_Cassiopeia_defeated" = "I'll keep an eye out for you next time."
tr "game_bot_Cassiopeia_greeting" = "I just can't wait to face you."
tr "game_bot_Cassiopeia_special" = "Show me your skills, Katarina!"
tr "game_bot_Cassiopeia_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Chogath" = "Cho'Gath Bot"
tr "game_bot_Chogath_defeated" = "Guess you had the last bite."
tr "game_bot_Chogath_greeting" = "I will devour all disgusting humans!"
tr "game_bot_Chogath_special" = "Thank you for this auspicious game!"
tr "game_bot_Chogath_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Darius" = "Darius Bot"
tr "game_bot_Darius_defeated" = "You have proven your strength."
tr "game_bot_Darius_greeting" = "Strength will prevail!"
tr "game_bot_Darius_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_DrMundo" = "Dr. Mundo Bot"
tr "game_bot_DrMundo_defeated" = "Mundo win?"
tr "game_bot_DrMundo_greeting" = "Mundo happy to meet you!"
tr "game_bot_DrMundo_special" = "May the best Mundo...Mundo."
tr "game_bot_DrMundo_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Ezreal" = "Ezreal Bot"
tr "game_bot_Ezreal_defeated" = "I let you guys off easy!"
tr "game_bot_Ezreal_greeting" = "Ready for the best?"
tr "game_bot_Ezreal_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_FiddleSticks" = "Fiddlesticks Bot"
tr "game_bot_Fiddlesticks_defeated" = "Why aren't you afraid?!"
tr "game_bot_Fiddlesticks_greeting" = "The crows are circling..."
tr "game_bot_Fiddlesticks_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Galio" = "Galio Bot"
tr "game_bot_Galio_defeated" = "Your success is well deserved."
tr "game_bot_Galio_greeting" = "An honor to face you!"
tr "game_bot_Galio_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Garen" = "Garen Bot"
tr "game_bot_Garen_defeated" = "Well fought!"
tr "game_bot_Garen_greeting" = "Prepare to face Demacian Justice!"
tr "game_bot_Garen_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_generic_defeated" = "Good game."
tr "game_bot_generic_greeting" = "Good luck, have fun!"
tr "game_bot_generic_victorious" = "Good game."
tr "game_bot_Graves" = "Graves Bot"
tr "game_bot_Graves_defeated" = "End of the line."
tr "game_bot_Graves_greeting" = "This calls for the ol' double-barreled "hello.""
tr "game_bot_Graves_special" = "Well, well, it's time I straightened you out, Fate..."
tr "game_bot_Graves_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Irelia" = "Irelia Bot"
tr "game_bot_Irelia_defeated" = "We defended to the last!"
tr "game_bot_Irelia_greeting" = "I fight for Ionia!"
tr "game_bot_Irelia_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_JarvanIV" = "Jarvan IV Bot"
tr "game_bot_JarvanIV_defeated" = "You have won this day."
tr "game_bot_JarvanIV_greeting" = "Meet me in battle... and hold nothing back."
tr "game_bot_JarvanIV_special" = "Your schemes end here, Swain."
tr "game_bot_JarvanIV_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Jax" = "Jax Bot"
tr "game_bot_Jax_defeated" = "Imagine if I had a real weapon!"
tr "game_bot_Jax_greeting" = "Who wants a piece of the champ?"
tr "game_bot_Jax_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Karthus" = "Karthus Bot"
tr "game_bot_Karthus_defeated" = "You have earned a page in my book."
tr "game_bot_Karthus_greeting" = "Let me show you an alternative to life."
tr "game_bot_Karthus_special" = "My song is death."
tr "game_bot_Karthus_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Kayle" = "Kayle Bot"
tr "game_bot_Kayle_defeated" = "Stay true in victory and defeat."
tr "game_bot_Kayle_greeting" = "You shall be judged."
tr "game_bot_Kayle_special" = "I will bring you to Justice, Morgana!"
tr "game_bot_Kayle_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_KogMaw" = "Kog'Maw Bot"
tr "game_bot_KogMaw_defeated" = "Still hungry..."
tr "game_bot_KogMaw_greeting" = "Oooh, tasties!"
tr "game_bot_KogMaw_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Leona" = "Leona Bot"
tr "game_bot_Leona_defeated" = "Alas, the sun sets once again."
tr "game_bot_Leona_greeting" = "Day breaks upon the battlefield!"
tr "game_bot_Leona_special" = "You'll pay for your heresy, Diana!"
tr "game_bot_Leona_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Lux" = "Lux Bot"
tr "game_bot_Lux_defeated" = "There is always light in the darkness."
tr "game_bot_Lux_greeting" = "Let's have a brilliant battle!"
tr "game_bot_Lux_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Malphite" = "Malphite Bot"
tr "game_bot_Malphite_defeated" = "Well pebbles."
tr "game_bot_Malphite_greeting" = "Let's rock."
tr "game_bot_Malphite_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Malzahar" = "Malzahar Bot"
tr "game_bot_Malzahar_defeated" = "The Void will never accept defeat."
tr "game_bot_Malzahar_greeting" = "Your fate cannot be avoided!"
tr "game_bot_Malzahar_special" = "You shall never stop us, Kassadin."
tr "game_bot_Malzahar_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Maokai" = "Maokai Bot"
tr "game_bot_Maokai_defeated" = "So this is what they call getting stumped."
tr "game_bot_Maokai_greeting" = "Do not defy nature!"
tr "game_bot_Maokai_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_MasterYi" = "Master Yi Bot"
tr "game_bot_MasterYi_defeated" = "Your skills were superior!"
tr "game_bot_MasterYi_greeting" = "We shall see which way our paths lead."
tr "game_bot_MasterYi_special" = "Let us test our skills, Wukong."
tr "game_bot_MasterYi_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_MissFortune" = "Miss Fortune Bot"
tr "game_bot_MissFortune_defeated" = "Don't get cocky. I'll be back!"
tr "game_bot_MissFortune_greeting" = "Who will fortune favor today?"
tr "game_bot_MissFortune_special" = "Get those oranges ready, Gangplank!"
tr "game_bot_MissFortune_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_MonkeyKing" = "Wukong Bot"
tr "game_bot_MonkeyKing_defeated" = "Every mistake is a lesson."
tr "game_bot_MonkeyKing_greeting" = "Give it your all!"
tr "game_bot_MonkeyKing_special" = "I'm ready to face you, Yi."
tr "game_bot_MonkeyKing_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Morgana" = "Morgana Bot"
tr "game_bot_Morgana_defeated" = "I will never give up..."
tr "game_bot_Morgana_greeting" = "I will bring you all pain!"
tr "game_bot_Morgana_special" = "Let's settle this, Kayle!"
tr "game_bot_Morgana_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Nasus" = "Nasus Bot"
tr "game_bot_Nasus_defeated" = "The wheel never stops turning."
tr "game_bot_Nasus_greeting" = "We begin a new cycle!"
tr "game_bot_Nasus_special" = "I will not hesitate to stop you, Renekton."
tr "game_bot_Nasus_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Nidalee" = "Nidalee Bot"
tr "game_bot_Nidalee_defeated" = "I see you're no stranger to the wild."
tr "game_bot_Nidalee_greeting" = "I love playing cat and mouse."
tr "game_bot_Nidalee_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Nocturne" = "Nocturne Bot"
tr "game_bot_Nunu" = "Nunu Bot"
tr "game_bot_Nunu_defeated" = "This was a lot of fun."
tr "game_bot_Nunu_greeting" = "Here we go!"
tr "game_bot_Nunu_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Poppy" = "Poppy Bot"
tr "game_bot_Rammus" = "Rammus Bot"
tr "game_bot_Rammus_defeated" = "Ok!"
tr "game_bot_Rammus_greeting" = "Ok."
tr "game_bot_Rammus_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Renekton" = "Renekton Bot"
tr "game_bot_Renekton_defeated" = "One day, you will suffer!"
tr "game_bot_Renekton_greeting" = "I'll leave you all in pieces!"
tr "game_bot_Renekton_special" = "You will not escape me, Nasus!"
tr "game_bot_Renekton_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Ryze" = "Ryze Bot"
tr "game_bot_Ryze_defeated" = "You show promise!"
tr "game_bot_Ryze_greeting" = "I will show you arcane magic."
tr "game_bot_Ryze_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Shen" = "Shen Bot"
tr "game_bot_Shen_defeated" = "Balance favors you... this time."
tr "game_bot_Shen_greeting" = "The ever-watchful Eye is upon you."
tr "game_bot_Shen_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Shyvana" = "Shyvana Bot"
tr "game_bot_Shyvana_defeated" = "Dragons have no remorse."
tr "game_bot_Shyvana_greeting" = "I love the quiet before battle."
tr "game_bot_Shyvana_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Sion" = "Sion Bot"
tr "game_bot_Sion_defeated" = "We'll be back."
tr "game_bot_Sion_greeting" = "Come beat me if you want to win."
tr "game_bot_Sion_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Sivir" = "Sivir Bot"
tr "game_bot_Sivir_defeated" = "A great battle!"
tr "game_bot_Sivir_greeting" = "Think you can dodge my blade?"
tr "game_bot_Sivir_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Sona" = "Sona Bot"
tr "game_bot_Sona_defeated" = "... "
tr "game_bot_Sona_greeting" = "... "
tr "game_bot_Sona_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Soraka" = "Soraka Bot"
tr "game_bot_Soraka_defeated" = "May the stars remember this day!"
tr "game_bot_Soraka_greeting" = "Fight without hatred in your hearts!"
tr "game_bot_Soraka_special" = "Your crimes will catch up with you, Warwick."
tr "game_bot_Soraka_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Swain" = "Swain Bot"
tr "game_bot_Swain_defeated" = "Your tactics were cunning!"
tr "game_bot_Swain_greeting" = "Bear witness to the strength of Noxus!"
tr "game_bot_Swain_special" = "Pitiful prince!"
tr "game_bot_Swain_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Talon" = "Talon Bot"
tr "game_bot_Taric" = "Taric Bot"
tr "game_bot_Taric_defeated" = "Outrageous."
tr "game_bot_Taric_greeting" = "I've got just the gem for this occasion."
tr "game_bot_Taric_special" = "Malphite, never bring a rock to a gem fight."
tr "game_bot_Taric_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Tristana" = "Tristana Bot"
tr "game_bot_Tristana_defeated" = "Well, I had a blast!"
tr "game_bot_Tristana_greeting" = "Ready for some fireworks?"
tr "game_bot_Tristana_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Trundle" = "Trundle Bot"
tr "game_bot_Trundle_defeated" = "Don't start trollin me, please."
tr "game_bot_Trundle_greeting" = "I got all prettied up for this fight!"
tr "game_bot_Trundle_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Tryndamere" = "Tryndamere Bot"
tr "game_bot_Udyr" = "Udyr Bot"
tr "game_bot_Udyr_defeated" = "Your form is excellent!"
tr "game_bot_Udyr_greeting" = "What technique do you use?"
tr "game_bot_Udyr_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Urgot" = "Urgot Bot"
tr "game_bot_Veigar" = "Veigar Bot"
tr "game_bot_Veigar_defeated" = "No! No! No! This isn't over!"
tr "game_bot_Veigar_greeting" = "This will be a short game! Wait..."
tr "game_bot_Veigar_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Vladimir" = "Vladimir Bot"
tr "game_bot_Vladimir_defeated" = "You are truly the vessels of my destruction!"
tr "game_bot_Vladimir_greeting" = "I sincerely hope you're pumped for this."
tr "game_bot_Vladimir_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Warwick" = "Warwick Bot"
tr "game_bot_Warwick_defeated" = "Time to run!"
tr "game_bot_Warwick_greeting" = "I can smell your fear!"
tr "game_bot_Warwick_special" = "I'll eat your heart, Starchild."
tr "game_bot_Warwick_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Xerath" = "Xerath Bot"
tr "game_bot_Xerath_defeated" = "Your power is...formidable..."
tr "game_bot_Xerath_greeting" = "Observe power in its purest form!"
tr "game_bot_Xerath_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_XinZhao" = "Xin Zhao Bot"
tr "game_bot_XinZhao_defeated" = "My spirit remains unbroken!"
tr "game_bot_XinZhao_greeting" = "True warriors are born on the battlefield!"
tr "game_bot_XinZhao_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Yorick" = "Yorick Bot"
tr "game_bot_Yorick_defeated" = "Victory... slips away."
tr "game_bot_Yorick_greeting" = "We shall rise to this challenge."
tr "game_bot_Yorick_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Ziggs" = "Ziggs Bot"
tr "game_bot_Ziggs_defeated" = "No no no no, I got my fuses crossed."
tr "game_bot_Ziggs_greeting" = "Gotta go yeah go now start yeah boom!"
tr "game_bot_Ziggs_victorious" = "GG!"
tr "game_bot_Zilean" = "Zilean Bot"
tr "game_bot_Zilean_defeated" = "Hmmm, if I remember correctly, we'll win the next one."
tr "game_bot_Zilean_greeting" = "I feel like I've done this before."
tr "game_bot_Zilean_victorious" = "GG!" "