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Originally Posted by PoisonousFrog
I dont see how that is a scammer... I mean... If I was banned for 48 days, I would tell people "Im banned for a month!!"
When he said: Add me Add me, you immediately said: No...
Why is that?? The guy didnt even ask to borrow one of your equips or anything...
If you had read carefully, you should have noticed that I never said TrueColors2 was a scammer.

I merely pointed out that he/she was impersonating a guild-mate of mine who is now inactive.

Furthermore, I did not add him/her because of the following reasons:
1) Through previous posts on this thread, I was wary of TrueColors2 because he/she was accused of impersonating and possibly scamming others.
2) I saw no point in adding him/her. It is solely my choice on whether I want to add a person as a friend or not, and I feel offended that you criticized me for my entitled choices.
3) I saw no benefits in adding an imposter onto my friend-list who could possibly take advantage of my name and impersonating me afterward.
*Just because someone did not ask me to lend him/her equips does not mean he/she is not a scammer or impersonator. Your statement appears to be a guileless and naive assumption.

As for the banning issue, I found it odd that there was a specific amount of days you could be banned for language violation and simply expressed my doubt. Also, the Tricky (guild-mate) I know would not have been using inappropriate language that would have got him in trouble.

There was also a discrepancy in him stating that he was banned for 48 days. Again, if you had read the convo in the screenies, you should have noticed that I pointed out that it was more than 48 days since his last log-in date in the guild list.

I also said that I went along with the conversation to find out whether or not TrueColors2 was an impersonator or really my old guild-mate. His/her discrepancies lead me to believe that TrueColors2 was an impersonator.

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