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@Caitz, Thats really obvious that he is a scammer!! Hopefully he doesnt come to jewlia!! xd,
Notice how scammers tend to always borrow the most or the two most expensive Equip from the unique? (Sword then Shield)
When that happens you know that they are gonna scam you!!
Anyways, dont lend to any1 but your bro's

Originally Posted by Boba
So I encountered TrueColors2 today when he/she whispered me claiming that he/she is a guild-mate of mine named Tricky a.k.a Trickydragon.

I just went along with the conversation and TrueColors2 was obviously NOT Trickydragon.

I dont see how that is a scammer... I mean... If I was banned for 48 days, I would tell people "Im banned for a month!!"
When he said: Add me Add me, you immediately said: No...
Why is that?? The guy didnt even ask to borrow one of your equips or anything...