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Let's talk about SR Zabanya.

DO NOT compare SRudim and SR Zabanya together. They play in a completely different style.

The two Skills, like regular Zabanya, work well with each other and the suit itself. Twin Haro System is especially useful imo, since it increases the mobility, search distance and gives you radar at 60%. Trans Am is your usual Trans Am with a pince of reload up, which is also nice.

Here comes the weapons part, oh boy. Mode 1:

w1 Pistol Bit melee - No one uses this. Ever. Don't bother unless you're saving a teammate (you can save him in a much more efficient way though)
w2 Triple Holster Bits Formation - Regular Zabanya's x 3. Basically the same deal: 3 ammo, slowish reload, big beam x 3. The 3x beam basically guarentees a hit as long as you hit them at the same y-axis and in their general direction. Damage is noticebly lower than Zabanya's, which makes sense.
w3 Rifle Bits (Funnel) - they shoot out 4 times each funnel, 6 Bits in total. Decent overal damage. Slow reload.

Mode 2, what everyone is talking about.

w1 Rifle Bits Formation - think Kshatriya Funnel combination (without the stun), S Qub, or Pakatsuki. 12 rifle Bits shoot simultaneously in a horizontal line. Damage is great up close, but iffy at the beam rifle range and beyond. No immobility.
w2 Chest and Waist Missiles - they don't home and they make you immobile. What's so good about it? Like AR Dynames, it's the burst damage. Shot in the style like V2B and V2AB, they shoot out in a W formation (think about it, chest and waist). These will demolish anything up close, and can do a much better job at saving teammates from melee. 1 burst to the back can take off 1/2 of mostly everything.
w3 Shoulder Missiles - Same as Zabanya's. they shoot out front, no fancy curve like SRudim. This means you can shoot them point blank. They do less damage than the non-homng missiles.

Spec is spec. No need to talk about it.

In general, SR Zabanya is pretty decent if you use it in the roles it's suppose to be in. Mode 1 for range, mode 2 for close range. Big disadvantage for SR Zabanya is how spread out the weapons are when shot, which can be a good or bad thing. The Holster Bits defending SR Zabanya aren't retardedly powerful since it's a 360 shield, but it's good to have one. Basically, watch out for rocks that try to sneak up n you and unload all your missiles onto him.
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