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About your build, I don't see anything very bad there. 1414 sounds average (For people that aren't collecting fuses, I'm collecting fuses and I have a tonna of em so I must have 3+ Sense on every character, and I'm still reaching 85%+ with a not-so-high-amount-of-pots, about 30 HP/MP of 2k :x), But well~ you said you're now 1423. if you're level 279, to put it in numbers, you'll be losing 5.6k WT for 2.1k HP. 2.1k HP isn't a very big difference, and don't forget it costs about 21k MS if I'm not wrong? I wouldn't do it.

About your bonus points, in level 279 that'll be 8.3k HP if you go pure HP, with a loss of 70 MA (101 misted). Sounds nice if you have too much MS to spend. again, doesn't it cost about 20k MS?

And your equips :3.. As people said earlier, if you have much, use whichever whenever you need/want , Though in Magic Types and Power Types, you can aim for a very high (Powerful?) AP or MA weapon, Lv. 12 or 13. If you have so, it gives you a lot of your main stat, and you can invest in all your other equips. (Powerful arc stick with about 480 MA, if you're level 279, even if you're pure HP you would have about 120 MA base, with the arc stick it would be like 870 MA misted with your weapon alone. then you can put all your other items with a nice LK or HP, whichever you need at the moment, and hopefully they also have a little MA base. Like this you get a really nice LK or HP (In other words, thats your maximum LK or maximum HP, lowering the weapon. if that powerful has 3s, it also can get a very nice LK) along with a really nice MA.
(though for myself I suck at refining and I can never save much galders without spending it on fuses or MS, so I don't have a single lv13 wep yet )
Thaaats a nice way, especially for chars that need 3 stats such as Soul Masters to have nice stats :x
Aaaaaaaaaand if you too can't get a lv13 wep for your own reasons or really want to use a Maiden staff for elec. then aim for every equip of yours to have nice LK base, nice LK comp and super MA base along with that. or nice HP base, nice HP comp and super MA base along with that. I like getting equips that have a hell of HP+MA or LK+MA (Yoba pouch is great for that. did you get 1? )
Well good luck lol