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Originally Posted by xxWrathxx313
im expecting a re-release of some old new years event.
Sarcasm maybe? hahaha

Originally Posted by Spankeroo
They've changed it each year. Last year was the little blue dragon thing.

I saw a post of a pink snake somewhere, guess that's this years

To all the upcoming "re-release, hate game, quit quit quit" persons please make us all happier and quit. Game is F2P for F's sake, they should turn it into P2P just to get rid of all the whingers. Quit complaining.\

P.S. Wasn't aimed at you Wrath, I just get fed up with reading forums when tools who no longer play spend their time here 'complaining' - they need to get a life, you could all apply to be citizens of loserville.
Let me help you there with a "/spank" at the end of your message

I think its too soon to release the Pink Snakey (Baby Snake) since there's still a month to go before Year of the Snake starts.

Wow, P2P + Timed Eqs = so much "motivation/pressure" to play 24/7

PS. I hate maint. because I always die in suspense and anticipation on what they're going to put in.
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