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Surrender at 20: 1/9 PBE Update: Thresh and AW Kayle splash arts!

The PBE has been updated with several beautiful splash arts!
Continue reading for a heavy dose of PBE content including new splash arts, balance changes, a change to Yi's portrait, a new profile medal, and more!

( Warning: PBE content is highly tentative and subject to change! Some of this information may have been datamined and could likely be erroneous. )

New Splash Arts

Thresh's release skin
The name for this one isn't specificed but obviously it is nautical themed.
Aether Wing Kayle
FYI: Aether Wing Kayle was made available for testing before tonight's patch. Have at it! Thresh's Ability Icons and New Names
Thresh finally received his own set of ability icons.
Along with this three of his abilities have had their names changed: Shackle ( Q ) is now "Death Sentence", Lantern Toss ( W ) is now "Dark Passage", and Sweep ( E ) is now "Flay"

Master Yi new Portrait
Master Yi's champion portrait has been adjusted to be much more zoomed out, presumably to include more of his fantastic braided beared.
Here it is in the wild

New Profile Medal
There seems to be a strange new profile medal. Not sure what exactly it's intended for but it's currently showing up on people who have played ranked games on the PBE. None of the other ranked medals have been changed.
Here it is in action:

Balance Changes
Note: These changes are relative to the last set of PBE changes. To try to avoid confusion, I've listed the current live server value in parenthesis if the ability was changed in a previous PBE patch.

  • Agony's Embrace cooldown changed to 150/120/90 from 160/120/80 ( current live server value is 120/90/60 ).
  • Agony's Embrace range lowered to 650 from 800
Thresh **
** = Thresh is currently disabled on the PBE. He got some changes, which are visible in the game files, but I haven't been able to actually load in game to verify. Will update when things clear up.

Crystalline Flask*
  • Cost increased to 345 from 225
  • Health restored changed to 120 over 12 seconds from 100 over 10 seconds.
  • Mana Restored changed to 60 over 12 seconds from 40 over 10 seconds.

* = This data comes from one of the game files but the tool tips have not been updated and the "new" cost is not acting right. It's a strange situation because you CAN NOT buy the flask, in game, for less than 345 BUT when you do buy it it only subtracts 225 gold from your total. The PBE is a strange place.

Miss out on the previous updates in this PBE cycle? Fear not!
================================================== ===============

Champion bugs and Thresh seem to be two of the hottest topics in League of Legends lately and I have red posts concerning both!
Continue reading for a quick set of red posts concerning a fix for Jarvan's EQ bug, a statement about Thresh's passive no longer granting bonus MR, and that Thresh's souls will drop more frequently on Dominion.

Jarvan EQ bug fix
CertainlyT reported some good news for those who have fallen victim to the bug that prevents Jarvan's Q from properly pulling him to a Demacian Standard when the two are rapidly casted together.
"I just fixed the EQ combo not firing. Should be in the next patch. Demacia!"
and to elaborate on the bug...
"If you cast Q really quickly after E it could sometimes cast prior to the standard being created (due to tiny update delays in our system), resulting in no dash. After next patch, the game will just check to see if a standard would be created at the spot you Q'd in the next fraction of a second and, if so, give you the dash."
Thresh's pasive no longer grants bonus MR
If you noticed in last night's PBE update, the tool tip for Thresh's passive reads that he no longer gained MR from absorbing souls. CertainlyT confirms that this is intended and gave his reasoning behind it
"Good question -- We have indeed changed Thresh's passive to not give MR. In our view, he's closer to a ranged champion with the ability to opportunistically close to melee than a melee character with some ranged poke. We toyed with the idea of giving him the 0.75 MR per level that might be more appropriate, but instead just left extra power in his abilities -- you can buy a Null Magic Mantle; you can't buy the ability to drag an out of position AD carry to his grisly demise. Same power, more fun."
Thresh's souls to have a higher drop rate on Dominion
While Thesh's soul absorbing passive is interesting, several Dominon players are concerned about the drop rate of his souls and if they will be able to make significant use of his passive. Good for them CertainlyT confirmed souls will drop more frequently on the Crystal Scar!
"Souls will have a higher drop rate in Dominion. That should be onto PBE in a couple of days."

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