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very nice guide, ummmm i have a noob gunner fox, and i think its 2143 or 3142, and what i do is add all bonus points to HP and comped all my gear with AC except shield (innerwear is lv 70 MS, ummmm 25AC i guess its fine? haha and there's no shield for gunner, but the blue dress is smexy~), when i compare it with approx same level lion(not very pro ones), there's not that much difference, the only problem is that i have only 5K-6K HP. I added some LK and DA points at beginning of leveling this charactor(coz i dont really know about gunners at beginning). But actually shooting spree is quite good, and even gun skills are fast i still need to stand and start the skill and then run away, maybe im not that good at using gunner, but sometimes i choose shooting spree rather than power shoting and others to attack even it's an AOE. oh and im only about lv 150