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Originally Posted by MrCoconut
I think 1144 pure HP HL will be way off. At level 200, your base AC won't even reach 100.

But I'm not saying it's a bad idea... it's just that I don't see many lions/HL that has ALOT of HP to begin with. Highest I've seen so far is around 20-25k HP.

Nice guide, BTW.
Let's take my fox for example. If I was 1144 pure HP. I would need 1-2 HP pieces of gear. I am wearing 3 HP pieces of gear at the moment with around 1000 total AC.

Without my AC bonuses I would have 800-850 AC and that is still viable. The thing is, you are sacrificing too many AC, it's just not worth it in most of the cases.. After a certain point, 20-30k HP you are most likely to never die, so after that, let's focus on your damage.

However, Soki has a glitch and sometimes he attacks twice at once for 40k+ damage. Spicy dragon ignore your LK and will land every single hit for 20k+. In most of the cases(without a guardian), that's game for us. I would like to know if there is someone with the hardcore HP build that has been through it.