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Originally Posted by Fryday
1144 is best for both pve and pvp imo.


You can carry more pots just incase you get ganged or a 1v1 KoS fight w/o the help of a friendly mage. Sure you can use scrolls to heal but that's just a waste..

In pve you can solo chaos tower easily and pretty much pq w/o a need of a mage since you can just pots if FH fails or you get damaged.

The advantage of 4 on power can't match the 4 on sense. Weight helps you a lot.

Now if we're talking about damage on cards issues just slap an altiverse sword and your AP is all covered. It's easy to get it nowadays anyways.

I'm a 1144 pure HV raccoon and I have no problem in PvP and PvE.
This supports me saying it's all about the gears you have. For charms, the difference in AP is not really that significant because they don't have Pumping Heart or Adrenaline which will double or triple the AP differences.