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Originally Posted by Jare
-Speedloader should be at no priority -- it only applies to normal shots.
-Gun Booster increases damage directly and should be at high priorty. No it's not a typo, it has always been 20 AC. If you read the skill, it increases Gun AP by 400, which when translated to AC is 20 AC.
-Compound Mastery should be no priority. According to numerous tests, it doesn't visibly work.
-Shooting Spree is probably one of the better (I personally think it's top 5 at the least) AoE's in the game. Don't you dare disgrace it.
-99% is an incorrect statistic. Once you get to bossing or just higher leveled monsters in general, you actually need LK. I think the second-to-last (the Eye) CT boss needs some 300 LK. Which, if you're unfunded, makes for an interesting challenge.
Speedloader IS a top priority. A hunter lord is meant to hunt hence the name. If anything speeds up the hunting, it should be at top priority.

Gun booster bonus is almost useless in higher levels.. Logically it should work like its cousins, Mist of mana(45% MA bonus), Pumping Heart (16% AP bonus).

Alright, shooting spree. Unlike the others AoE you can't point and click shooting spree. You are a gunner, you don't have a good defense or hp and in order to hit the monsters you have to be right in the middle of a gang who's gonna beat the SH** out you if you don't one hit them. Cooldown is 5 seconds, quite a long waiting time here. Average max targets(5), average hit radius. The only good thing about this AoE is its average-high damage.

You don't have to care about the monsters blocking/dodging your hits when you have 2 LK buffs backing you up.

There is indeed something very odd about Compound Mastery but I want to believe it is "working as intended".

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