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Originally Posted by Degoutant
I honestly have no real idea what to put as title, so I just came along with this one..

I kind of had a conversation with an adult whose obviously more experienced than me.
Most adults are more experienced in life than adolescents. It is clear that whoever his person is, you have some respect for due to their success. Just remember though, people perceive success differently. Some people consider having a day off, a successful day. Others believe that having a job that they wan and earning a decent pay is success; some find their success in being able to help people. It all depends on who you are. I suppose I could define success in life as being able to achieve your goals.

Originally Posted by Degoutant
And yeah, he became all prejudging, predicting people's future, including mine, etc.
With judging comes the offending part as well.
The truth hurts.. I guess? Whatever, coming straight to point, so he told me that whatever I do, I will never have success in my life.
I do not think this is the truth. Everyone has the potential to be successful in life. It does not matter if you have an IQ of 10000 or an IQ of 10, intellect is not the only thing you need.
I know some people within the top 1% of people when they finish high school. Some are very bright but lack other skills. Others are just amazing as they work hard and have incredible time management skills along with their brains.

Originally Posted by Degoutant
Sure, I go to school, get my grades and stuff but I will never make it in life (successful in career). He told me that whatever I'm learning at school, it's full of rubbish that doesn't have to do with reality. At this point I'd like to say, that that guy can not really spell words correctly (no education..just sayin'). But I can tell for sure, he may not be educated but he's not one of those "foolish" kind of people, he's sneaky and "intelligent" I'd say. He did make it to something even though he's not educated.
I completely disagree with this statement. Everything at school that you is learn has a point. Most of it is extremely subtle and you will not realize it. For example, take the differentiation and polynomial stuff that I have been trying to help you with as an example. 95% of people will not use it after they are done with it (I do as I study physics). What you will gain from it is not just a knowledge of how maths works, it is more a way to understand things and a way to think about things. And then literature is all about trying to understand people. Whilst it is fiction, you are still able to feel compassion and many of the situations the characters find themselves in may very well happy to you or a friend.
And then you also learn about time management, self control and what hard work feels like. Along with this, you are able to pick up any social skills. School is also an environment where you can make mistakes and fix them up. I believe all these skills are needed for corporate work or.. any job.

Originally Posted by Degoutant
Now, he tells me that I am definitely not one of those "intelligent" people. I am foolish, because I am merciful, immature, gullible and don't really dare to risk something. I am weak, he said. To cut it short, I was born as good girl but not an intellectual one and that's the reason why I will never be successful.
I mean I could care less about this guy's opinion but the thing is, he's right, I'm not really intelligent, I am clumsy, forgetful, a little slow and not really efficient to practical problems.. I'm always the loser in a serious argumentation (I'm very bad in reasoning my arguments)... yeah I don't believe I have a high IQ. The only proof why I'm not a 100% dumbass are my school grades, but I work for them. Hard working get good school grades and stuff in my case.
But I'm also aware that school has barely to do with the work in a company, so I'm now really pondering whether it's worth it, aiming my old dreams, like studying after I finished school and stuff... I mean BECAUSE I know, I'm not intelligent..... Now I'm back to the question which I had previously in one of my blogposts:
This section of the post highlights many positive aspects of yourself.
  • You are hard working- all employers like employess that are not lazy!
  • You are able to admit mistakes.
And then a few other things I know about you.
  • You are happy to ask for help when you need it. (So you strive to do things right)
  • You speak two languages (that always impresses me)

At the moment, you just lack a little confidence. In some ways this person has destroyed it. It will thus take a while to repair. Try and find some people who will support you and believe in you. It could be parents, a teacher, friends, etc. Try and make it someone who you will listen to and have respect for. Someone could tell you to do things like make timetables many times but you may not listen as it is not the right person.

So just try and regain some confidence in yourself and remember what is good about you. Do not let anyone bring you down . I believe you have many qualities that will help you succeed.
Originally Posted by Degoutant
"Does only the sneaky, liars and cheater win in life, who make somebody's gullibility to their own advantage?"

Because I'd probably be the one who wouldn't win in life (career-wise I mean).
It depends on what you believe is winning. You can have all the money in the world and have no one to spend it on. Or you could have the best friends in the world and have a happy stress free life.

I am not religious but you could answer this question from that point of view. Those that do not cheat, lie, etc will be the ones who have the better afterlife. But even now; if you do not cheat, lie, etc; you will have more respect within life.

Originally Posted by Degoutant
He recommended me to look for a nice guy to marry and become a housewife before it's too late.. but that's definitely not what I want!!!

I feel like my goals and dreams are crumbling... I'm down, but I don't want you guys to cheer me up, I just want to read some honest opinions.

Be yourself, make your own decisions. Ask the occasional opinion. You may either agree or disagree with it. If you were wrong about the opinion and they turned out to be right; try again and learn the lesson. If you were right and they were wrong, do not make a deal out of it to them. Everyone is different and there is plenty to learn from differences.

Best of luck