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Post DELi's Gunner Fox Guide.


Although the Hunter Lord has the worst attack (generally) and the worst defense of all the other classes, it's far away from being the worst character to play with. The fast paced gameplay style with guns will never get boring.

If you are NOT looking for the best Boss hunter/Quest hunter/Driller character stop reading this guide right now.

Pros & Cons

  • No cooldown ranged attacks will make you the best quest item hunter of the game. (The gun skills needed for stronger monsters also have a VERY short cooldown time )
  • 99% of the monsters can't block/dodge a gun shot.
  • All LK auras will (most likely) get you better compound results and help you dodging most of the attacks.
  • All the item detection skills will make you the best driller character.
  • You will not fight for longer than 20 seconds against a single monster after you get the Shield Breaker skill.

  • No Gun skills until 3rd job.
  • Gunners are not meant to PvP.
  • Gunners don't use shields. That will make survivability more difficult.
  • Unlike the other classes, gunners can't count on elemental damage.
  • Hunter Lords don't have a damage buff skill. (Gun Booster only adds 20 AC, which is useless. They probably meant 20% AC, most likely to be a forgotten typo)
  • Gunners were granted with only one, and not a very good one, area of effect skill.
  • Low damage.


If people tell you pure LK is a possibility. It is NOT, don't believe them.

4 Charm
This build is meant to boost your survivability. Your HP, HV and DP will help you to get out alive of monster's ambushes in exchange of sacrificing your damage. (Most of gunners use this one)
2 Power 3 Charm
A balanced build. High survivability, low damage. You should be fine with this one.
3 Power 2 Charm
Also balanced with less survivability and more damage. Still okay to play with.

Those 3 are the most used builds. You can compensate the lack of AC with your gear. The following build is the most complicated build to play with.

4 Power
The glass cannon, High damage, close to 0 survivability. You will need HP gear. You will struggle to stay alive unless you know what you are doing. Only go for this one if you are nuts, like me...


-Save as much TM points as you can for the 3rd job skills.-

1st job

High priority:
  • Invincible drill. (Passive)
  • Gun Carrier. (Passive)
  • Quick Reload. (Passive)
  • Invincible reload. (Passive)
  • Armor Destructor. (Level 1)
  • Lucky Seven. (Master)
  • Basic Detection. (Master)

Medium priority:
  • Gun Booster. (Master)
  • Heavy Carrier. (Master)
  • Anger Management. (Master)
  • Compound Mastery. (Master) -I strongly believe this skill is broken-

2nd job

-High priority:
  • Aura of Luck. (Master)
  • Item Detector. (Master)

-Medium priority:
  • Armor Destructor. (Level 10)
  • Sticky Foot. (Level 10)
  • Sticky Icky. (Master)
  • Mega Crazy Drilling. (Master)

3rd job

-High priority:
  • Power Shot. (Master)
  • Shooting Spree. (Master)
  • Double Shot. (Master)
  • Shield Breaker. (Master)
  • Speedloader. (Master)

-Medium priority:
  • Keen Sense. (Master) -The only skill in this game you have to be PRO in order to use it properly.-

Other skills: Only get these ones after you are done with the ones listed above.

Low priority:
  • Sixth Sense. (Master)
  • Lucky Fist. (Master)
  • Lock on. (Master)
  • Landmine. (Master)
  • Gas mask. (Master)
  • Butt plate. (Master)

  1. Now, this is what makes our life difficult. Without any gun skills before 3rd job we are gonna struggle to kill monsters.
  2. Try to get as many AC as you can on your equips, aim for high Gun AP weapons.
  3. Always compound AC to your hat and gun.
  4. Only 2-3 pieces of gear should be comped with HP(In my case: Innerwear, cape, MyShop Mask).
  5. If you have money, get a Golden Mole Vest, AP accessories, AP hat, a GOLDEN SET and melee your way to the 3rd job.
  6. At level 110, the first decent gun sets will show up. You will experience for the first time how playing a Hunter Lord feels like.
  7. At level 200, don't buy the altiverse flash bat gun. Look for a highly refined Powerful Stinger Gun with potential over 80%, base Gun AP over 1300. This is one of the few guns that can beat an altiverse.
  8. Altiverses can easily outdamage boss sets like Pirate's set. So save your galders.

Altiverse sets ->

Spiritual -> Altiverse Spiritual Gun - ggFTW Trickster Wiki
Twist -> Altiverse Twist Crossbow - ggFTW Trickster Wiki
Flash Bat -> Altiverse Flash Bat Gun - ggFTW Trickster Wiki
Thorny Rose -> Altiverse Thorny Rose Gun - ggFTW Trickster Wiki
Maiden Queen -> Altiverse Maiden Queen Shotgun - ggFTW Trickster Wiki
Crimson -> Altiverse Crimson Gun - ggFTW Trickster Wiki