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Default Being unintelligent sucks

I honestly have no real idea what to put as title, so I just came along with this one..

I kind of had a conversation with an adult whose obviously more experienced than me.
And yeah, he became all prejudging, predicting people's future, including mine, etc.
With judging comes the offending part as well.
The truth hurts.. I guess? Whatever, coming straight to point, so he told me that whatever I do, I will never have success in my life. Sure, I go to school, get my grades and stuff but I will never make it in life (successful in career). He told me that whatever I'm learning at school, it's full of rubbish that doesn't have to do with reality. At this point I'd like to say, that that guy can not really spell words correctly (no education..just sayin'). But I can tell for sure, he may not be educated but he's not one of those "foolish" kind of people, he's sneaky and "intelligent" I'd say. He did make it to something even though he's not educated.

Now, he tells me that I am definitely not one of those "intelligent" people. I am foolish, because I am merciful, immature, gullible and don't really dare to risk something. I am weak, he said. To cut it short, I was born as good girl but not an intellectual one and that's the reason why I will never be successful.
I mean I could care less about this guy's opinion but the thing is, he's right, I'm not really intelligent, I am clumsy, forgetful, a little slow and not really efficient to practical problems.. I'm always the loser in a serious argumentation (I'm very bad in reasoning my arguments)... yeah I don't believe I have a high IQ. The only proof why I'm not a 100% dumbass are my school grades, but I work for them. Hard working get good school grades and stuff in my case.
But I'm also aware that school has barely to do with the work in a company, so I'm now really pondering whether it's worth it, aiming my old dreams, like studying after I finished school and stuff... I mean BECAUSE I know, I'm not intelligent..... Now I'm back to the question which I had previously in one of my blogposts:

"Does only the sneaky, liars and cheater win in life, who make somebody's gullibility to their own advantage?"

Because I'd probably be the one who wouldn't win in life (career-wise I mean).

He recommended me to look for a nice guy to marry and become a housewife before it's too late.. but that's definitely not what I want!!!

I feel like my goals and dreams are crumbling... I'm down, but I don't want you guys to cheer me up, I just want to read some honest opinions.

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