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Originally Posted by Valese
Are you kidding me? There are a lot of Raccoons that either quit playing or banned or w/e that are way better..
^This one.

Like I've said, your build alone is not judged by how useless or weaker your character is than other builds. Sure 1144 has some flaws when it comes to AP and AC but remember that those two stats can easily be compensated from your gears.

Heck, a pure HV 1144 and a pure HV 4114 don't have that much of a difference in AP and AC, really.

I know you PvP often or every day 24/7 but that doesn't mean you have beaten all coons out there just to prove 4114 or 3124 is superior than a 1144 coon.

And you just said yourself as a 3124 coon, your PC/IR are two of your skills that do the most damage and I can assume you have balanced AP, AC and HV as well. I don't see why a 1144 coon can't do that.