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Also, some information.


This is information I've pulled out of the update.txt file of the TricksterOnline program.

20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./GameGuard.des [GMT:2012/06/04/21:50], [PATCH FILE:2012/06/04/21:50] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./ijl15.dll [GMT:2000/09/15/02:51], [PATCH FILE:2000/09/15/02:51] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./libexpat.dll [GMT:2003/10/20/10:11], [PATCH FILE:2003/10/20/10:11] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./libmySQL.dll [GMT:2002/03/22/03:13], [PATCH FILE:2002/03/22/03:13] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./MSS32.DLL [GMT:2003/03/18/02:55], [PATCH FILE:2003/03/18/02:55] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./Setup.exe [GMT:2006/06/26/03:43], [PATCH FILE:2006/06/26/03:43] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./Splash.exe [GMT:2012/07/03/03:23], [PATCH FILE:2012/07/03/03:23] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./Trickster.bin [GMT:2012/12/12/11:49], [PATCH FILE:2012/12/12/11:49] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:35 [DIFF] ./TricksterOnline.url [GMT:2012/12/29/15:11], [PATCH FILE:2012/10/31/11:44] <-> Difference Time
20121231-18:57:35 [GMT DIFF] ./TricksterUS.ini [GMT:2012/07/30/00:27], [PATCH FILE:2012/07/30/00:27] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:36 [GMT DIFF] ./Trickster_sheep.ico [GMT:2005/07/26/11:11], [PATCH FILE:2005/07/26/11:11] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:36 [GMT DIFF] ./_dbghelp.dll [GMT:2004/08/12/05:23], [PATCH FILE:2004/08/12/05:23] <-> Same Time
20121231-18:57:36 Download info : CNT[4], SIZE[33965]
20121231-18:57:36 <0001> /data/npc/ UNZIP /unzOpenR /unzOpenR /unzOpenR <<<UNZIP FAIL>>>
20121231-18:57:36 <0002> /data/ui/book/ UNZIP /unzOpenR /unzOpenR /unzOpenR <<<UNZIP FAIL>>>
20121231-18:57:36 <0003> /data/ui/book/ UNZIP /unzOpenR /unzOpenR /unzOpenR <<<UNZIP FAIL>>>
20121231-18:57:36 <0004> / UNZIP E SetFileTime Error(183)SIZE=193
20121231-18:57:37 [ERROR] UPDATE_VERSION_URL !!!

I did have a picture, but I wasn't sure of where to place it to have a URL link to it, so, I just pulled the information from the .txt file.