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Thank you AbsoluteLimit!! Finaly someone thats thanking me for tryina help others!! <3
I am not a card based raccoon!! I am simply a PvP raccoon. I use PC/IR as much as FH and OP. PC has a cool down of 10sec and IR of 6sec. So mean while my PC/IR are in cool down I use cards!! Ofcourse my cards only deal half the damage of my HP dependent skills, since I invested more into HP than AP!!

If I were to 1v1 a 1144 raccoon, no matter how many pots he has, if im not THAT unlucky I usually kill them in 1 skunk since my stats are balanced unlike the 1144!! I deal high damage on FH/OP/PC/IR while as 1144 would only deal damage on IR/PC.

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