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I blame this link hehehe

Full House - ggFTW Trickster Wiki

where it said THIS line:

Success/fail rates are LK-dependent.

Reminder, 1144 coons do not revolve around FH.

Originally Posted by PoisonousFrog
Hey guys, I am now proving to all of you that a 1144 gambler is completely useless!! The only reason why 1144 would be useful is for the Weight, other than that, it is a bad idea to go 1144.
Change your guides pl0x!!
Watch this video for proof!!
Full house doesn't need luck.
Well, maybe not THAT completely useless, since 1144 HP coons would be carrying around more HP pots than Card / FH coons. Coons who rely on IR/PC wouldn't need the extra AP and they would prefer the extra WT and LK. IR/PC are purely based on HP.

Besides, I think PoisonousFrog is a Card Coon (am I right?) while most 1144 are HP Coons who depend on IR/PC. I think 1144 HP Coons just use FH for the stun or for a non-area/range dependent AoE with Stun since IR/PC needs to be used at point-blank distance with a big pushing area.

But still, PoisonousFrog still has a point, and thank you for sharing your ideas
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