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Isnt that something to be proud of sir??
btw, For yall who say: 1144 is the best option for the WT. Buy the pouches sold in myshop... they are crazy cheap... they only cost about 7k (350m) every two months!! You can carry like 300 of those 4k pots (as a 4114 raccoon)

Originally Posted by fate23
He did say that was 5 yrs ago which meant cards had weight.

And people have already said that FH success rate was never based on LK. But from what i heard (during the 6th aniv bug which gave out loads of LK) LK increased the damage of FH.
you are completely correct, i did not ready that he said: 5 years ago!!
and yea, the 6th aniv added like +30k LK so raccoons could do 150k+ FH damage easy!!

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