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Originally Posted by fate23
He did say that was 5 yrs ago which meant cards had weight.

And people have already said that FH success rate was never based on LK. But from what i heard (during the 6th aniv bug which gave out loads of LK) LK increased the damage of FH.
FH depends on LK to deal damage. 300LK only adds about +700 damage!! That is so unsignificant!! While as 2k AP adds more than 6k damage!! and 2k AP is so much easier than to get 300 LK!! I would say that 300lk would be as hard as to get 5k AP!!

Originally Posted by Care
Gamblers don't always use weapons for the purpose of dealing damage with Full House. When I played my Raccoon, I used it just to stun my target(s). If someone doesn't want to have a weak One Pair or whatever, then they can simply get an AP weapon. Weapons can easily get 7,000 or more AP nowadays.

Charms tend to not need more than 200 AC. I only ever used about 300 on my Diva (3124 HP build, and this was over two years ago). Getting even 400 AC with a 1 in Power isn't that hard with just the base stats on equipment.

Oh and also; Full House uses 5 cards, meaning that it has a chance of recoiling 5 times the damage. 9,000*5 = 45,000. That's nearly half of your 100,000 HP.
You said your self raccoons do not tend to use more than 200 AC but ur diva uses 300... Contradicting yourself!! It is really hard to maintain 12k AP+ 300 AC + 100k HP with a 1144 raccoon!! A lot of bunnies now a days have 280+HV Since I have a PvPer, 4114 is the best option.

Originally Posted by MrCoconut
My coon is 1144 and he's pretty decent despite the fail comps and low potential on his equips. But I can say that 4 in weight really helps because of FH and the time bomb skill which you need alot of pots for. 1144 is not completely useless. For all I know 1144 can beat a 4114 or a 3124 just by having good gears. Yes, you heard me. Don't forget about the gears too. A character is not simply judge on how useless it is just by looking at its build.
lmao, if we are going to talk about pvp now, I would be the first raccoon to be spoken to.. lmao! trust me, There has never been a raccoon with a 1144 who has kicked my ass!! (3124 now and planning on going 4114)

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