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Originally Posted by Fleur

Hi Karlibb<3

Go pure HP.
Do not go LK.

If you had HAX blessings, you'd need the HP to survive the hits.

Especially since you don't get much HP,
Since you use many MA equips. (face&mask)

Hey girl, thanks! I'm 100% sure I want to go HP now I could use the health since I die easily wooot ;DD

Originally Posted by Care

So are you suggesting she go pure MA or LK? Either way, that's not very smart. You need HP to survive in PvP.

Uh.. no? Her base HP would be 14,700 at her current level, if she were pure HP. A 1414 build would make it 16,800. To reach 20,000 (technically 20,040) HP at level 333, she'd need to change to 1414. A 1423 build would make it 17,550.

But anyway. With your logic, the same thing can be said about pure MA or any other stat.

No. She doesn't need LK.

That "small gain" of HP can make a difference.

She's high enough level already.

Sorry, but again, no. You don't need LK on a Soul Master. Hell, you don't even need it to kill high LK mages.
Thanks so much Care! You helped a lot and I'm glad you know what you're doing

Originally Posted by Nebula
This is just to show as an example.
This is my lvl 231 1423 pure HP sheep. I have put only MA gear on her. My shield does not have much HP.

20k HP with MA gears is a nice amount C:

(I had mist on)
Daaamn that's looking quite hax already and only level 231! Thanks for the screenie!