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Originally Posted by Esper
I don't remember many players saying 1144 build was superior because it increased Full House's success rate. It was mostly for the WT when Cards/Pots and what not were heavy as hell. Of course, this was 5+ years ago. :x

I remember I did a similar test with a friend when Full House was just released and posted it here. We tested between 200 ~ 1000 LK and noticed no difference in terms of success : fail ratio.

Whenever a person says do 1144 Build to help Full House, it tends to be their own personal view (or superstition) that it actually helps. Not many players do actual tests when writing guides but rather say things based on their own experience.
Cards have 0 weight!! and if you look the Raccoon guides in this forum you see a lot of people advising on going 1144 as a gambler!!

Originally Posted by Care
One reason for going with a 1144 build is that the recoil from Full House is based on AP, so having a 1 in Power will help reduce it.
So you are encouraging raccoons to have fail One Pair/Card Strike/Full House/ Four of a Kind damage just because of the full house recoil?? Your raccoon will also have crap AC so it might even miss on dragons and bunnies!! Since a lot of raccoons now a days have 100k+ HP, a 9k recoil is easily worth the sacrifice for being able to do 28k FH damage!! Instead of 3k recoil and 10k full house damage!!

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