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If your going for pvp going pure hp on a soul master isnt really a good idea imo but everyone has thier own pov. I base ur build off how you stat ur equipment, now tell me going pure hp on a soulmaster how is that gonna help when lets say you got 26k hp right so ur base is a 3 and ur lvl 279 and you get 30hp each level so 279/4=69.75 so 69.75x3=209.75 so atm your base is 6270 or a bit more and going pure hp will get you with a 4 in charm 279x2x30 which is 16740 or a bit more. the only way pure hp will benfit you is if you reach over Lvl 335 so u will have a 20k base but you would rather kill ur based lk and wt for such a small hp gain while most people *likemyself* ohko people with around 40khp
The to meet the requirements of going pure hp is to
1 Level up before changing your build, it will save you the pain
2 have wt equips just in case
3 make sure you have decent enough lk so you dont miss on alot of mages
4 make sure you can reach atleast 70k+hp with a decent balanced set
5 be rdy to rage at how quicky rift will eat up ur pots

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