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Ok let me give you a little scenario. Yes I have a cat as well and my cat is decent 9kap 1.3khv 350 something ac time too time when I fight people I miss alot rather it is a lv 20 nub char too a high level char, i was fighting this buff uglysun a while ago he wasnt even wearing 600ac yet he was kicking my ass, altho most of the time I fought him while he ac broke me or he
just switch to more hv but it still missed alot regardless, same issue on my raccoon. My coon has this curse.... the curse of geting alot of Xs on fh and it is like occasionally and I miss on alot on magic type which has a little to no hv... and now for my bunny oh yes my bunny... wont even go there but anyway the issue of ac to hv, lk to lk is like imbalanced and sometimes works the other way around just ask Essence about his lk issues wears 1k+ miss alot on buffs or bunnies even raccoons talk about being trolled
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