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Default Plenty of people probably have been through this.

I am positively sure that I'm not the only one with this problem AND that there have probably been solutions posted up already, if so, please, direct me.

If the title doesn't last easy give it away, I'm getting the update process fail.

If it helps, the files that it has problems with are "Trickster.exe" and on a reinstallation the file was "TricksterOnline.url"

Things I've tried:

I've tried to reinstall SEVERAL times.

I've also tried temporarily disabling my firewall and my anti-virus. I've also tried removing nProtect 3.0.

I've tried to reinstall with both disabled, well firewall was on.

I've tried re-updating also.

I'm using an older client, from a mirror site, cause of space and computer issues, and it never had any problems until the recent patch, that lasted 12 hours I suppose.

Trickster hasn't been a problem until the recent patch, what happened?

Operating System:

Windows XP, SP3.

What else could I tell you.

I had enough space for the update.