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I was referring to Vare since she suggested pure HP.
Originally Posted by Vare
1414 and going pure HP.
Because when I do some calculations on my equips, I won't be able to reach the needed MA to 0HKO, based on your (Care's) guide to "How much MA is needed for.."

But judging on your screenshots, no wonder its not hard for you to reach the needed MA even if you go pure HP, you own some of the hax MA equips like Vindy's Mask and Cape, Yoba Pouch, Timed Sprint, and Divine Bard pet. Going MA-comp on those would simply be overkill.

Hopefully Cupcakes would take your equipments into consideration, and she has the same equipments as yours. If not, then she will have a bit of a harder time in 0HKOing and levelling up.

Nice equipments!

One thing though, I can't see what staff you used.
I got an EVIL AP Speech Balloon Head Number of the Beast

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