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Never heard of Soul Masters being anti-Charm. Aren't Card Skills already enough to 0HKO you in PVP? And since Blessings are based on number of attacks, your blessings will only hit your attacker once per shield, and I doubt that's enough to kill anything. Also, I think Mana Reflector renders any magic skills from letting you 0HKO.

I agree, LK isn't useful in PVP except maybe for magic accuracy. LK and HV are nerfed in PVP.

The thing about going pure HP is with CURE skill being a percentage number based on max HP

@Vare: Hmmm.. Question about not going pure MA on your bonus points, how hax are the MA on your equips? Since people do usually advise getting equips instead to make up for the loss of MA on growth. HP is usually harder to get compared to MA. But when I compute on how much MA is needed to 0HKO something in PVM, I'm always a few digits short if I go non-pure MA.
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