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I think it really depends on where you usually play, either PVP or PVM.

Going 1414 would just make your WT suffer a lot, unless you use a WT pouch. But then again, WT is mainly used for PVM and Questies, and is useless on PVP.

Though I play non-mage character having a 1 in CHARM build, I rely on shield's BLOCK to survive in PVM, avoid getting hit with guard break, and I use get a good HP shield, and kill anything before it kills me. It did get me up to level 300+.

@Vare: Just plain curious though, what's the point in going 1414 pure HP? So that you:
- have enough HP to survive while having monsters hit your Blessing shields until they kill themselves,
- while at the same time you can use some offensive spells to help kill the weakened monster?

P.S. Are Blessings really all that hax as people think? Since I think the only reason why people go for pure LK is that it affects the Blessings, and at the same time improve survivability (Shield Block/Magic Dodge). I don't think you would need that high a LK to hit monsters in PVM. I remembered reading somewhere that said Blessings are not that good to use since it doesn't deal enough damage to kill anything, and would only anger monsters, forcing it to use deadlier skills instead (Berserk, Stun, magic skills, etc.)
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