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Default Help with Soul Master

I'm looking for someone who knows quite a lot about Soul Masters to give me some real advice please!

As the character " xCupcakesx " is my first Soul Master, I never really thought much about what is really needed/depended on for a soul master and I didn't really know. A lot of people have told me I have a light mages build and stats. My build is 1423 and I'm pure MA. I was considering buying a point back all and changing to pure LK. Would that be a good idea?

I'm currently level 279 so if some people think to fast track/start over I'm not going to Q_Q. And of course I know now and I did a while back after making the sheep that LK/AC is needed for the blessings but now that I come to think of it, would it have been better going pure LK?

My equips... I have an MA hat and I'm working on getting a much better LK hat than my current one. I have a LK shield and HP shield. 1 LK and 1 MA Accessory. A HP, MA and LK cape that I can switch between. MA and LK Pet although the MA is only a difference of +7 between the LK pet. As for my head/mask - they are both MA. My inner-wear is MA but it is still the koala T-shirt 160, any ideas on which inner-wear I should try getting? I was going to try and save up some eggs and get the level 280 vest to comp LK.

This now brings me down to my HP... If I were to use my HP shield I would be gaining 8k which means I would have 19k. However, my HP shield would be replacing a LK shield therefore I am losing 73 LK. My HP cape gives me 7k HP so therefore I would have 26k but I would also be losing 53 more LK.

Now, switching back to my inner-wear. Considering I need a new one what am I better off getting?
Should I get a HP one so I can wear my LK shield and gain back that 73 LK?
What do you think I should do?

Thanks so much!