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Default Pets [J]

IGN PrettyUglyFox

All require flames unless marked with a *

Christian - 50m
Zephyrus - 50m
Eurus - 50m
Boreas - 50m
Eurus - 50m
Aeolus - 50m
Little Bunny Maid - 50m
Noxx - 50m
Nyxx - 50m
Gothic Sephira - 10m
Sunny Esther - 100m
Maid Minnie - 150m
Egg Ghost - 100m
Hunter Master - 50m
Strawberry Biscuit* - 50m
Choco almond biscuit*- 50m
Wicked Befana - 50m
Hailey - 50m
Witch Pepe - 150m
Little Poroit - 100m
Hawaiian Irina - 150m
Ethel - 150m
Santa Rose Fairy - 200m
Santa Esther - 200m
Spirit of the Pheonix - 100m
Gold Father - 50m
Master Louis Jr - 50m
Hunter Yuna - 100m
Boxer Jeanne - 50m
Scooty - 100m
Bruce Lie - 20m
Express Panda - 20m
Hachiko - 20m
Maneki Neko - 20m
Mr.Pig - 20m
Speedy Mcfastball - 20m
Tricky Princess - 20m
Yao Mong - 20m
Icarus - 100m
Best Man Arinel - 150m
Zodiac Kooh - 500m

I accept payments in Fantasian galder at a rate of: F:J; 1:2. All prices are negotiable. Possibly have multiples of each pet, but I'm too lazy to check.

Jewelia: PrettyUglyFox, Illiterate Sheep, RainbowKitty
Fantasia: PinheadLarry