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Even though I completely agree with the OP I would just like to say that the TO community is very naive. SGI/gamerage or whatever the current owner of global trickster is not a developer, its just a gaming company that bought the license to distribute TO outside asia. As such they do not have the needed staff to fix bugs by themselves. And this is not just an issue with Trickster, this happens with 70% of all f2p mmos. Usually the original developer only offers limited support for international releases of their games. Even though complaining to SGI is justified I believe there is little they can do about certain issues, sometimes only a workaround is possible.

I am positive SGI is aware of the poor situation TO has been fore quite a while now. The reason they keep going is because TO is still making them lots of money. This is another issue I would like to address. eTO is probably the most pay to win f2p mmo I have ever seen. Being able to directly buy equipment thats simply far superior to items available in-game is a ridiculous concept, not to mention all the other items such as recharge coupons/elixirs/powders and random boxes. TO has a rather smallish community and yet SGI is making a profit because some people spend 10 times as much as your average mmo player. And I don't mean to blame the players, the way the shop is designed forces you to buy items if you want to compete with the best.

Even though the change to lv gift boxes is stupid and unfair to the players I don't think this should come as a surprise. The owner of TO is just as incompetent as any other company distributing Korean mmos outside Korea. And honestly I don't believe they changed the boxes just to make more money, people that never bought myshop items and relied on the boxes will not all of a sudden spend real money in the game.

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