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/Commence block of texty-ness!

Well, soon 3 weeks of basically overloading on electronics will be over and it'll be time for the new semester to begin. Relatively glad of last semester's average (A+s all around) and hoping to keep it up/push it higher in the new year (although there will be seven courses instead of six so...we'll see). STILL need to decide what to do in September, argh, so many different programs to choose from.

A belated happy holidays/winter season to all, hope everyone's doing well. Miss you guys, haven't been able to log in due to update errors for...guestimating at least a month? Still following updates and maints though, so *hoping* it gets fixed.

Looking for a computer security replacement now. Thinking about going for Malwarebytes ($25) or Bitdefender (forgot how much it is and can't find the advertised $80 for 5 years deal anywhere on their website). Well, we'll see.

Yuki: Yay for getting better. As for laptops, Idk but I've been using a Sony Vaio NW series for the past...three+ years, no problem (although according to Sony's website, it's no longer available, not sure what they have out now/price point). Before that, I had an Acer for a few years and it worked pretty well (at least until multiple consecutive blue screens of death killed it during my previous heavy Trickster-ing days :<). Hope you find something that fits your needs though!

Kani: Yay, welcome back GnB! Time to continue the cornering of the market on ores and refining ^^

Vis: Eep, another wisdom tooth removal? Have a speedy recovery

Been mainly playing Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (nickname Iffi), Dragon Up (the joy of vomiting dragons), and Stardom (all apps in the app store). Thinking about joining Twitter and now this post has started to turn into random rambling so...

/End post

"The sad part about a good series ending is feeling like there is so much more that could be written."-K.M.