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Originally Posted by Kenshiro
Reborns has one of the best funnel weapons tho. Wasn't Neue Ziel on that list too?
im not very fond of big units rarely use my big zam

and reborns lol 4 shoots from funnel kill a zaku 2 that funnel is soooooooo op

Originally Posted by Uncharted
the only weakness on Sazabi SR is the fact that is a paper, mode 2 was made for mid to short range fights, making him one of the scaries if not the scaries paper at close range, his main mode is quite strong too, shotgun in the face and someone is dead, funnels are... funnels and the beam rifle is fast and strong. IMO is a fun unit to use but quite hard since you need to switch modes to use it at its full potential
it's ok cuz i change mode really fast , like no lag at all

i'll pick SR sazabi and make a reborns later , seem right

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