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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
Apparently Anet handed out bans for disassembling one of the new event jewelry for ectoplasms. I used a more profitable conversion method involving the jewelry since really the ectoplasm method seemed to be a really mediocre way to make money to me.

It sucks for the people that got banned. The ectoplasm method was nowhere near game breaking, and was only mildly profitable, really only somewhat profitable to the early spotters. Anet ****ed up on this one. Seems like they still want to be *******s and nerf every ****ing decent money making method besides farming their game like a cripple or flipping AH items, or


I'm expecting them to undo this after the commotion caused. If not, my opinion of the game and company will go to shit.
It is a very bad idea to "assume" anything regarding the number of accounts terminated for abusing this exploit. The number was actually under two hundred total, and the people affected used the exploit hundreds and sometimes thousands of times. ~RB2
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As usual, don't buy the "i just did it twice, and i got banned" bullshit. It's usually just bullshit.

disregarding that, here's a pretty exciting update regarding the future January/February/March updates.

Hey guys,

Just to help provide some clarity on this, we’ll be releasing within the next couple of weeks a high level summary of our big plans for the first half of 2013 to help provide more transparency into our plans with the game going forward. This will include providing more details about our goals for the game, information about the stories and features that you’ll see in the Jan/Feb/March releases.

To set expectations accordingly, the January release will be a relatively small release that sets the table for the stories and features we plan to roll out with the Feb/March releases and beyond. Also, there will be no new race, profession, or new region with these larger Feb/March releases.
One of our major goals with these releases is making our existing world as strong as possible, ensuring there are reasons to go to all the locations in the world we’ve already built, and strengthening the core game we’ve provided.

In saying this will be an expansions worth of stuff in these releases, we’re talking about the number of new features that will be rolled out across PvE, WvW, and PvP in early 2013, which usually you’d only find in an expansion for a traditional MMORPG.

More details and specifics to come in the next couple of weeks, but I hope that helps provide some more insight into what to expect at a very high level.

Sounds like they're going in the right direction.

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